Gornik and Drucker Handmade Shave Soap

Ten years ago William Gornik picked up soap at the market and did not think anything of it. Today he will not use soap unless he knows what is in it, better yet, now he will only use his own handmade soaps. The first thing he uses everyday on his body has to be natural. His bar soaps are made with organic oils, butters and essential oils. There are no detergents or chemicals added.

It is only natural that he would focus on soap for shaving. Showering and shaving is a daily activity that he could control what he put on his skin. William has a very particular taste when it comes to shaving soaps and creams. He believes in the use of soap when shaving. Soap, by nature, is antibacterial but can be drying and irritating to some skin types. So he set out to make natural soft shave soap, with no added chemicals. He became committed to developing a shave soap that would not harm eh skin or contain ingredients that can contribute to damaging good health and the environment.

The process of making soap is a time honored tradition that dates back to Ancient times. It has taken William years to develop a shave soap that he is proud to share with his extended family, his customers. His shave soap soap is made in small batches, and each batch is handmade. He pays special attention to the quality of ingredients used in every batch. The lather is rich, and creamy with a slick feel to assist the glide of the razor. The soap leaves your skin feeling moist and fresh, not taught. There is less irritation from your shave due to no chemical irritants and chemical preservatives.

This hand made soap is for the person who is serious about his shave routine. For the man who shaves regularly and loves the lather that only a shave brush can produce. Made for the man who is committed to a great shave.  The soap in bars can also be used on the body, for the man who likes to shave in the shower.