Our History


The beginning

The story of Hollywood’s most famous barbershop began in 1936 in what is known as the golden triangle of Beverly Hills, with the establishment of “Druckers” barbershop by legendary barber Harry Drucker. Here Drucker catered to the famous, infamous, and influential of Los Angeles’s boomtown era. Developing a reputation for offering exceptional products, service, and discretion.

Flash forward to the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in the 1960’s, where a young William Gornik got his start. Although, it did not take long before Gornik began to develop his own following of Hollywood elite. Leading him to acquire “Rothchild” barbershop in the 1970’s, where he elevated the shop on the corner of Wilshire Blvd. and Beverly Dr. to the level of the famous “Drucker’s”. Sparking a fierce rivalry, which lasted over a decade.

As Drucker began to age he approached Gornik to take over his legacy and combine the two shops, ending the rivalry and giving raise to “Gornik & Drucker” barbershop in 1989. From then on Gornik & Drucker barbershop, has sought to uphold the highest level of men’s grooming standards in its products and services.

Barbering Since 1936 

History like a classic film

Unique to Gornik & Drucker is a sense of legacy similar to a classic film. From the opening scene of “Oceans Eleven” to the final episode of “Entourage” it is apparent that Gornik & Drucker has played an important role in priming Hollywood’s leading men not only on screen but also in their everyday lives. As a result Gornik & Drucker has been depicted on the silver screen and T.V. screen, as well as in numerous publications, as one of the last true providers of high quality men’s grooming services – a legacy we are proud to uphold. Throughout Gornik & Drucker’s unique history we have had the proud honor of serving many of stars and newsmakers.


A Who’s Who of Hollywood History

Peeking at Gornik & Drucker’s appointment book is a “Who’s Who” of Classic Hollywood elite and influential figures who shaped modern American culture. Gornik & Drucker is honored to have served Clark Gable, Frank Sinatra, Tyrone Power, Danny Kaye, Spencer Tracy, Orson Welles, George Raft, Lew Wassermann, Jack Benny, George Burns, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Desi Arnaz, and George Hamilton; Notorious Hollywood Gangsters Bugsy Segal and Mickey Cohen; And two terms ex – President Ronald Regan and ex – Secretary of State Warren Christopher. Today, Gornik & Drucker still attracts many figures from the arts and entertainment industry.


Edited to Perfection

Our exacting standards for men’s grooming are based on the barbering philosophy of William Gornik & Harry Drucker. Through this partnership, the current era of Gornik & Drucker was born. Today the company maintains a reputation as a world – renowned barbershop offering treatments and services for the cultivated gentlemen. Gornik & Drucker is also known for high quality shaving and grooming products that are refined to the needs of a gentlemen.

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